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Pro Audio & Wireless

  PA Systems w/cables & stands  
Portable System #1 QSC K10, (1) SM58
Portable System #2 (2) QSC K10, (1) SM58
System #1 DFX12, (2) Thump15, (1) SM58
System #2 ProFX16, (4) Thump15, (1) SM58
System #3 ProFX16, (2) SRM550, (2) SM58
System #4 w/subwoofers ProFX16, (2) SRM550, (2) SRM1850, (2) SM58
System #5 TouchMix16, (2) K12, (2)SM58
System #6 w/subwoofers TouchMix16, (2) K12, (2) Ksub, (2) SM58
Monitor System #1 (2) Thump15
Monitor System #2 (4) Thump15
Monitor System #3 (2) K10
Monitor System #4 (4) K10
  Mixers - Analog  
Mackie DFX12 12 channel (6 xlr), (2) aux, w/Dig FX
Mackie ProFX16 14 channel (10 xlr), (2) aux, w/Dig FX & USB
  Mixers - Digital  
QSC TouchMix 16 20 channel (16 xlr), (6 aux), w/Dig FX & USB
  Powered Cabinets - pair w/stds  
Mackie Thump15 15" w/horn, 1000w
Mackie SRM550 12" w/horn, 1600w
Mackie SRM1801 18" Subwoofer, 1600w
QSC K10 10" w/horn, 1000w
QSC K12 12" w/horn, 1000w
QSC Ksub Dual 12" Subwoofer, 1000w
  Microphones - stand included  
Shure SM57 lo-z w/cable
Shure SM58 lo-z w/cable
  Wireless Systems  
Shure UHF, SM58 handheld mic
Shure UHF, Headset mic
Shure UHF, Lavalier mic

Keyboards & Drums

  Keyboards - stand & seat included  
Kurzweil PC88MX 88 keys, digital piano, midi
Keyboard Wedding Package PCM88x w/stand, seat, KXB100 amp, music stand
  Drums w/seat, stands, cymbals  
ddrum 5pc Maple Kit

10",12",16"toms, 14"snare, 22"bass
includes: Zildjian A 14"HiHats, 16"Med Thin Crash, 18"Med Thin Crash, 20"Med Ride

Yamaha 5pc Recording Custom
(22" or 24" bass available)

10", 12", 14" toms, 14" snare, 22" bass
includes: Zildjian A 14" HiHats, 16" Med Thin Crash, 18" Med Thin Crash, 20" Med Ride

DW 5pc Maple Custom 10", 12", 14" toms, 14" snare, 22" bass
includes: Zildjian A 14" HiHats, 16" Med Thin Crash, 18" Med Thin Crash, 20" Med Ride
  Drum Hardware  
DW5000 chain drive, single bass pedal
DW5002 chain drive, double bass pedal
Ludwig Tympani 23" & 26" copper (both)

Guitar & Bass Amps

  Acoustic Guitar Amps  
Fishman Loudbox Artist 120w, 8"w/tweeter, effects, 2ch w/XLR & 1/4"
SWR California Blonde 120w, 12"w/horn, reverb, 2 ch. w/XLR & 1/4"
  Guitar Amps & Stacks  
70's Fender Twin Reverb 2ch, reverb, with or without master volume
70's Fender Super Reverb 2ch, reverb, without master volume
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe "USA" 2ch, 80w, reverb, 1x12", tube combo
Fender Hot Rod DeVille "USA" 2ch, reverb, 4x10", tube combo
Marshall JCM800 Head Single channel, 50w all tube head
Marshall DSL100 Head 2ch, 100w tube head, reverb
Marshall TSL100 Head 3ch, 100w tube head, reverb
Marshall 1960 series cab Slant or Straight 4x12" cab
Marshal Half Stack Any Marshall head w/1960A cab
Marshall Full Stack Any Marshall head w/1960A & 1960B cabs
Vox AC30 6TB "British" 30w Tube, 2x12" Combo
  Bass Amps & Stacks    
Gallien Krueger 1/2 Stack GK800RB head and (1) GK410T cab
Ampeg Full Stack SVT head and (1) 810E cab
  Bass Heads  
Gallien Krueger GK800RB biamp 300w/100w
Ampeg SVT Classic 300w Tube Head, 2 or 4 ohm
  Bass Cabs  
Gallien Krueger 410T 4x10", 8 ohms, 300w
Ampeg 810E 8x10", 4 ohm, 800w
  Keyboard Amps  
Crate KXB100 100w, 15"w/Horn, 4ch. w/XLR & 1/4" inputs

Guitars & Basses

  Acoustic Guitar  
Takamine EN10C Acoustic/Electric, Cutaway, Solid Cedar top
Taylor USA Guitar based on availability
Ovation 1777LX Legend USA Acoustic/Electric, Cutaway
1970's Guild D-25M USA Acoustic, all Mahogany
  Electric Guitar    
Fender USA Stratocaster 1984 Am Std, maple fingerboard
  Bass Guitar    
Fender USA Jazz Bass
2004 Am Std, rosewood fingerboard
Vintage 3/4 Upright with Pickup 1950's American Standard

Misc. Items

  Accessories, Pedals, Stands, etc   
Passive D.I. Box  20-40db Pad, Ground Lift, XLR Out
Active D.I. Box Stereo/Dual Mono, Ground Lift, XLR Out, No Pad
Effects Pedals
Asst'd Pedals, Based on Availability
Guitar Stand
Tripod Legs with Neck Cradle
Dlx Guitar Stand Hercules Hanging Stand
Mic Stand
Cast Iron Round Base
Mic Stand Tripod with Boom Arm
Music Stand Manhassett M48 Director
Music Stand Lights Dual LED Gooseneck (battery powered)
Speaker Stands (per pair) Tripod Legs, Height Adjustable
16 x 4 Audio Snake 100 foot, 16 XLR channels w/ 4 XLR returns