We offer lessons for most musical instruments, beginner to advanced technique.

Private Lessons   -   1/2 hour once a week   -   Only $100 per month

For scheduling please call  602-978-6688                 See below for list of Instructors

FAQ's  -  frequently asked questions

1. How old should my child be to take lessons?
This depends on the child, you're child needs to be able to sit and focus for 1/2 an hour. These are private lessons, so the instructor is able to focus on each individual students needs.

2. What days are lessons available?
Lessons are available 7 days a week. It's best if you choose 2 or 3 days that work best for you and then give us a call for available times.  602-978-6688

3. What about holidays?
If the store is closed for a Holiday, your instructor will not charge you for any of those days.

4. How do I pay?
You pay the teacher directly by check or cash. Checks must be made payable to the instuctor. The instructors are not employees of Boogie Music Enterprises.

5. When do I pay?
Lesson fees are due the first week of each month. NEW Students - first month may be pro-rated.

6. What if I have to cancel a lesson?
We understand that things happen, please give us 24 hour notice and we will schedule a make-up lesson for you.

7. What if the instructor misses a lesson?
The instructor will make that lesson up to you, usually by crediting you on the following month.

8. How long does it take to learn to play a musical instrument?
This depends on each individual student. With a little effort and practice the student should have the basics down and play some recognizable music within a couple months.

9. What do I need to start lessons?
Your instructor will assist you in choosing a book based on your skill level and then you need to bring your instrument i.e. guitar, bass, violin, flute, etc. Drummers need sticks. There are amps, drum sets and a piano already in the teaching studios.


Guitar, Bass and Resonator/Dobro

Reggie Chavez
Reggie spent 3 years in the "A" jazz ensemble at Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga California, attended the Dick Grove Music Workshop in North Hollywood California and studied theory, sight reading and improvisation. He also studied with studio musicians Eddie Arkin, Dave Patt & Jody Fisher. For over 14 years Reggie has also been an instructor for the National Guitar Workshop.

Guitar and Bass

Mike Jennings
Mike completed his studies at Allentown College in Pennsylvania and has been teaching theory, technique, composition and ear training for over 10 years. Having toured up and down the east coast in bands, Mike came to Phoenix to pursue a career as a composer and sound engineer while still balancing his schedule to do something he enjoys so much…. teaching music!

Piano, Classical/Fingerstyle Guitar and Ukulele

Roger Paull
Roger earned his bachelors of Music degree from Wayne State University where he majored in classical guitar. He has been teaching guitar, music theory and composition for over 25 years. Roger also teaches at Southwestern College and is a guest instructor in the Washington School District.

Violin, Banjo and Mandolin

Nancy Hall.... info coming soon!!!

Drum Set & Marching Percussion

Gary Gaynor
Gary has a music degree from Mesa College and has studied with Bob Tillies, Phil Stanger, Pete Magadini, Dom Moio, Danny Tomlinson, Roy Burns & Jim Chapin. He has tutored in the Mesa College Theory Department and has been performing professionally and teaching reading, theory and also marching technique for over 25 years.